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Why build with brick?

Selkirk bricks and pavers have long been acknowledged as among Australia’s best. Selkirk’s quality procedures, ongoing investment in technology and unique clay deposits from Victoria’s Goldfield region set standards for durability and strength.

Energy Efficient

Bricks have a high thermal mass producing a cooler house in summer and warmer house in winter. This can significantly reduce your energy bills.


You could be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable bricks are. Furthermore, after the initial investment, ongoing costs are extremely low.

Low Maintenance

Bricks require minimal work to keep them looking great. After all, your home should be a retreat, not another job!


Bricks are strong and will resist harsh weather conditions, termites and noise.


Product Range

The Selkirk Residential profile offers a breadth of colours and finishes to suit any home design – from contemporary and innovative to traditional and heritage.

With extruded clay bricks and concrete blocks all featuring in Selkirk’s residential offering – you’ll find just what you are looking for!

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